Q.  Which of your Super Beetle lowering kits shoud i get?  You have so many it’s confusing!

A.  That’s the most common question that we get, and I’ll try to give the short  version of some long telephone conversations.

I will always start with a question to the customer.  “Are you planning to stick with 15″ diameter rims, or something larger, like a 16, 17, or 18″?  If you are planning to stick with 15” rims, then you should use our “Super Low” kits, which contain our Versa Struts.  They take the stock VW spring, or our tapered design Sport+ springs.  If you are going “German Look” with 16, 17, or 18″ rims, you should get our MaXX kit.  The standard MaXX kit comes with springs that are suited for street and occasional autocross use.  If you need adjustability at the track, or higher spring rates for racing, then you should go with our MaXX Extreme kit.  Remember that with Top Line Versa-Struts, it’s easy to slip off the stock size spring holder, and buy an upgrade kit to use the MaXX spring system.  You’re not locked into any one spring system.

Q.  I just want to level out my car a bit.  The Super Beetle just looks so goofy and high in the front.  Do I have to get a full loweing kit?

A.  No, you don’t!  The best way to level out your car a little bit is to use our Sport+ springs installed onto your original strut housings.  Using a regular non-gas strut insert, this spring set lowers a typical car about one inch.  If you have a convertible, it lowers about one and a half inches.  The convertible typically looks very level and conservative if the rear is left stock height.  It’s a real nice driver, without any scraping or rubbing to deal with.  The ride is also very comfortable with this setup.  Since you lose a little caster setting with this setup, we recommend that you also install our Caster-Fix bushings to bring caster back to normal settings.