1700cc Bolt On Engine Kit. Big Valve, No machine work required! #10-1710

Code: 10-1710

1700cc Bolt On Engine Kit with Big Valve Heads. Features a new AA brand thick wall 88mm cylinders, pistons, new heads, and everything you need to install. No machine work required! #10-1710


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In stock


This kit offers an easy way to convert your 1600 engine to a 1700cc without any machine work. In the past, 87 and 88mm big bore kits were thin wall at the top of the cylinder, leading to reliability problems and premature wear. This kit is based on a new 88mm cylinder design that is very thick wall at the top. No disassembly of the lower end of the block is required.


The kit uses a 90.5 bored head size which is pre-machined into the heads provided. The heads supplied are brand new big valve Dual Port. Valve sizes are 40 x 35.5mm with heavy duty single springs and chrome moly retainers.

The base of the 88mm cylinder is thin (where it doesn’t matter) to fit into the stock 85.5 machined holes. We also provide cylinder shims (to keep compression down to normal), pushrod tubes, and a full gasket set. Actual displacement with stock 69mm stroke crankshaft is 1679cc. Try one of these great kits today! Please allow an extra two to three processing days for the machine work required for these kits.

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