Bolts for Disc Brake Adapter, Improved Clearance ….#95-2604

Code: 95-2604

Backing Plate (or Disc Adapter) Race Grade 13.9 Chromoly Bolts, set or eight….#95-2603


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In stock


If you’ve installed a front disc brake conversion, and are looking for replacement bolts, these high quality units will do the job. Fit all Super Beetle models, but will also work on Ball Joint disc kits (you’ll have a couple of extra bolts left over.)

Stock bolts can be a little on the short side for most adapter plates. The thread length on these is 25mm. Just right for adapter plates.  These special bolts have a reduced head socket size of 16mm to give improved hub clearance.  The grade 8.8 bolts are zinc plated for good looks. The wavy washers supplied are small OD so that they give better clearance for most rotor hubs..  Sold in sets of eight.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in