Brake Fluid Line, Blue, German, 1.5 ft piece…..#15-0461

Code: 15-0461

Brake Fluid Line, Blue (sometimes black with blue-green stripe), German, 1.5 ft piece. Used to connect the master cylinder to the metal feed lines, and also connect the reservoir to the feed lines on top…..#15-0461


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In stock


This is the original 7mm blue brake fluid line that connects the master cylinder to the reservoir feed lines. It also connects the reservoir to the metal feed lines inside the trunk. Used on all 67 to 79 Bugs and Super Beatles. Just cut the line into four equal length parts, and you will have enough to do the job. Made in Germany. Recently, we understand that this hose WILL BE SUPPLIED WITH A BLACK CLOTH COVERING CONTAINING AN IDENTIFYING BLUE-GREEN STRIPE. We believe this new coloring is the same quality as the blue colored material. Still made in Germany by Conti.

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