C/V Bolts, Race Grade, with 12 Point External Drive…Set…#88-1440

Code: 88-1440

C/V Bolts, Race Grade, with 12 Point External Drive…Set of 24 replace hard to clean and torque internal spline bolts. With these bolts it’s easy to achieve the 25 ft. lb. tightening torque specified by VW..…#88-1440


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In stock


If you’ve had trouble with VW’s 12 point internal spline bolts, you’ll love this set of replacement bolts. The VW bolts will get clogged with dirt and debris, making the splined tool hard to engage the bolt. Stripped bolts are often the result. The bolts must then be removed (if you’re lucky) with locking pliers or a grinder. These new design bolts are installed with a conventional 8mm twelve point socket. We recommend a 3/8 inch drive socket. You can also use the closed end of an 8mm combination wrench to tighten or loosen. The bolts are grade 12.9, just like the original VW ones. Sold in sets of 24 to complete all four of your C/V joints. If you don’t own a 12 point 8mm socket, they can be ordered from a Snap-On dealer. Sears also sells a set of metric universal (work on 6 and 12 point) sockets that work well. The Sears Craftsman part number is 92496.

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