Case Half Nuts, set of six with Washers, 17mm socket size….#95-2101

Code: 95-2101

Case Half Nuts, set of six.  This set comes with German washers.  These nuts were specially manufactured to have the original VWs 17mm socket size.  Generic nuts for the same location have a 19mm socket size, and may interfere with big bore cylinders.  Grade 8,8 with clear zinc plating.

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In stock


Top Line has introduced it’s exclusive reproduction of the 12mm VW case half nut.  While generic case half nuts ( and nylock nuts) must use the 19mm socket size, original nuts used the 17mm size.  The smaller size of the Top Line nut helps clear big bore cylinders without modification to the cylinder’s fins.  The nuts are available with or without German base washers.  Economy bulk packs are also available for professional VW mechanics.  Contact Top Line Parts in Anaheim Calif.  Nuts made in China, washers made in Germany.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

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