Constant Velocity Bolt Washers, Set….#88-1421

Code: 88-1421

Constant Velocity Bolt Washers, Serrated spring style, Set of 24 to cover all your C/V bolts….#88-1421


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In stock


If you’ve ever had C/V bolts come loose, you’ve known the frustration of a car that won’t go! Many shade tree mechanics will simply leave these out when they aren’t available or lost. Simply using a conventional washer on your C/V bolts just won’t be reliable, and you’re going to have failures. These concave serrated spring washers will work on any 8mm bolt. Another name for the washers is “schnorr ribbed” style. While VW used an unplated washer, we have had these washers zinc plated for more corrosion resistance! Sold in a set of 24 to cover your entire installation.

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