Cylinder Spacers for 85.5-88 for 74mm stroke…#70-0650

Code: 70-0650

Cylinder Spacers for 85.5, 87, or 88 slip in. Just right for 74mm stroked engines. .105″ thickness…#70-0650


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In stock


These laser cut and Blanchard ground cylinder spacers work with 85.5, 87, or 88mm slip in cylinders. They feature a wide base for great cylinder support and sealing, along with accurate dimensions you can count on. Cutouts for head studs are provided, and will clear 10mm head studs.

The .105″ thickness is just right for 74mm stroke, usually giving a compression ratio under 7.9 to one. Used with 88mm pistons, you can achieve a displacement of 1800ccs. Sold in sets of four. Made in USA!

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