Fan Belt, Generator……#80-2040

Code: 80-2040

Fan Belt, for all cars with Generator, (not alternator) Size 9.5 x 905mm has been replaced with 10 X 905mm cogged style (not pictured)…..#80-2040


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In stock


This fan belt is a quality Continental brand, and will last for thousands of miles. Size 9.5 x 905mm. Fits all cars with a generator, generally through 1070. In the past this belt was smooth (no coggs) and labeled 9.5 x 905mm. ¬†However, now these belts have been replaced with a “cogged” style belt that is labeled 10 x 905mm. ¬†. These days, however, due to manufacturing tolerances, it is hard to predict which belt will fit your engine. If your smooth style belt is fitting loose, you might try our 11.3 x 912mm “alternator” style cogged belt.

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