Flip-It! Bump Steer Kit….#87-0920

Code: 87-0920

Flip-It! Bump Steer Kit   Relocates outer tie rod end location to under steering arm….#87-0920


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In stock


On ’71 to ’73 Super Beetles that have lowered struts installed,  the tie rod WILL hit the body structure when you go over large bumps or dips.  By relocating the outer tie rod end under the spindle’s steering arm, the rod will be dropped and unable to touch the body structure.  The spindle must be removed from the car to drill out the old tie rod taper.  The new bushing is then installed. pressing in from the bottom side up.  Loosen the tie rod end jam nut and rotate to install under the arm.  Detailed instructions are included.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in