Front End Rebuilding Kit, Mid 72 to 73 Stock Height Super Beetle….#88-2302

Code: 88-2302

Front End Rebuilding Kit, Mid 72 to 73, for Stock Height Super Beetles that are not lowered….#88-2302


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Kit includes center tie rod, right and left tie rods, two ball joints, idler arm bushing, steering damper, damper bushing, urethane control arm bushings, camber bolts with washers, and sway bar bushings. **This kit DOES NOT include strut inserts, strut bearing mounts, steering box, steering shaft, brake or wheel bearing items. NOTE ABOUT LOWERED CARS: If your car is lowered even as little as one inch, you should order the “lowered” version of our front end rebuild kits, which includes our Camber+ kit, as well as Caster-Fix bushings for your sway bar. This kit is only a few dollars more than a “standard” kit, but will offer much improved front end alignment results. Please state if you have a stock or aftermarket 7/8″ sway bar when ordering this kit. NOTE: MID 1972 YEAR BREAK: You have an “early 72” car if your chassis number is up to 112-257 5326. The second set of three digits are the ones that count. For a convertible, numbers up to 152-257 5326 would be an “early 72” model. This distinction is only important regarding the order of the correct idler arm bushing. Another way to tell is by examining the idler bushing holder. Early type 72’s had a cast aluminum holder incorporating adjustable right/left travel stops. Late style cars had a stamped steel idler holder, without the right/left travel stops.

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Dimensions 32 × 10 × 7 in