Fuel Pump Pushrod, “Alternator” type…..#16-0055

Code: 16-0055

Fuel Pump Pushrod, “Alternator” type. This rod is 100mm in length…..#16-0055


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


Fuel pump pushrods come in two styles. “Alternator” or “Generator”. The designation refers to the type of fuel pump they are designed to work with. The Generator style fuel pump is generally less compact, and may interfere with the larger body of an alternator. An Alternator pump on the other hand, is generally slanted to the left, and gives more clearance for the alternator. It’s one of Volkswagans cruel tricks played on the home mechanic. The actuating lever on the pumps are different and require the correct rod. If you’re not sure what pump you have, study the bottom of the pump. If the actuating lever is up inside the pump body, its a Generator style. If the actuating lever sticks out the bottom of the pump, its the Alternator style.

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