Kadron Solex Rebuild Kit with Float…..#15-0162

Code: 15-0162

Kadron Solex Rebuild Kit with Float, Deluxe edition with float and accelerator pump nozzle.…..#15-0162


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In stock


This kit fits The Brosol Solex 40-44 EIS carburetor. The carburetor is also known as the “Kadron”. This deluxe kit is the one to order if your carb is in rough condition, or missing important parts. Besides the usual gaskets and seals, the kit includes a new float and float pin, accelerator chamber check ball, needle and seat, and accelerator pump spring. As an additional bonus, it includes the hard to find accelerator pump discharge nozzle. These kits are sold EACH, so please order two if you are rebuilding your dual carb set. Please note that this kit includes all the parts in our 15-0163 extra parts kit.

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