MaXX Accelerator Cable. Stainless steel, 9 feet…#16-0218

Code: 16-0218

MaXX accelerator cable, fits all VW Type-1 models. Nine feet long. This super heavy duty cable is a full 1/8 inch thick! Bolts on to your existing stock pedal assembly. Now the cable is made from stainless steel!….#16-0218


In stock

In stock


This super heavy duty cable will replace the stock VW cable on bugs, Karman Ghias, Things, and Type 3s. This cable is 9 ft long (for pretty much any type 1 model.) Unlike some aftermarket cables, the Top Line cable end is compact, making for easy installation, and no modification of the VWs tunnel tube. It will work with stock pedal assemblies, our Power Pedal, or roller pedals. Detailed instructions cover most installations.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in
Std bug, 9 foot length

This length fits almost any Bug or Ghia.

Buggy or bus, 15 foot length

This longer option will fir almost any custom car, buggy, or bus.