Oil Filter Under Fender Mounting Bracket…..#80-0321

Code: 80-0321

Oil Filter Under Fender Mounting Bracket. For engines with full flow oil systems. Uses the two forward-most bumper bracket bolts.  Fit8 ’68 to ’79 Beetles…..#80-0321


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In stock


If you have a “full flow” oil filter system on your engine, then chances are you’ll be needing a way to mount your oil filter. The closest and most convenient spot is under the left side fender, near the bumper bracket. Our bracket mounts most common oil filter holders that have three bolt attachment. The most common filter mount is the “top fitting” kind, most often used with 90 degree fittings on top. Usually one line comes in from the engine, and the outlet fitting heads toward the front of the car for access to an oil cooler. We feel the mount puts the filter in that “just right” location. Not too high, not too low. Try one today!

Note:  This bracket will also work fine on  Beetles up to ’67, but the filter bracket will attach to the bumper bracket with only one bolt.

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