Piston & Cylinder set for 1776cc. 90.5 Forged Mahle….#10-0064

Code: 10-0064

Piston & Cylinder set for 7776cc. 90.5 X 69 Stroke, Forged Mahle. Machining requited for installation….#10-0064


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In stock


Build your next engine with these top quality forged pistons & cylinders from Mahle. Each set includes pistons, rings, piston pins, clips and cylinders. With stock 69mm stroke this size makes a 1776cc engine. Machine work to the engine case and heads is required for installation.

You can combine this size piston with some of the shorter stroke crankshafts like 74mm or 76mm with our cylinder spacers. For example 90.5 X 76mm woule yeild a 1955cc size. Each set of pistons is matched for weight, so there’s no need to custom balance. Top quality!

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