Solex Carburetor, 30/31 PICT, replaces 34 PICT-3……#15-0004

Code: 15-0004

Solex Carburetor, 30/31 PICT, With adapter for Dual Port manifold. Replaces 34 PICT-3 smog era carburetor……#15-0004


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In stock


While many mechanics claim to have the magic formula for making the 34 PICT-3 carb run properly, we have found that they give spotty results at best. Furthermore if you should get a fairly good example, it will only run well with the stock “dual vacuum” distributor. The 30/31 PICT on the other hand is a very adaptable carb. With our in-house re-jetting of the carb for use on dual port engines, it solves all the running problems associated with the 34 PICT-3. (Like hesitating, poor low end acceleration, surging, and just plain stalling out.) This carb will also work fine with a standard “009” mechanical distributor. Since the bolt pattern of the 30/31 is different than the dual port manifold, an adapter is required. Each carb is supplied jetted and ready to run, and the adapter installed. We are so sure that this carb will run great for you that we offer a complete satisfaction and money back guarantee. Recommended for stock 1600cc engines with stock camshaft.

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