Stud, Press In, 14mm 1.55″……..#98-7103

Code: 98-7103

Stud, Press In, 14mm 1.55″ length from under head to end of threads. Sold each…….#98-7103


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This stud is the one you want when re-studding your drum or disc to another pattern (such as Porsche) or for off-road. We designed this stud after being disappointed with the design of both American and Imported studs. Most imported studs will vary widely on the knurled area, making them either press in too loose, or too tight. On the other side of the ocean, most American made studs have too long a blank area, or too long a knurled area, causing more problems. We designed a stud to address these problems, and then contracted a Chinese company to produce the studs to our specifications. You will find these studs press perfectly into a 9/16″ drilled hole without distortion or crumbling of the cast drum material. These studs are just the right length for setups that do not require wheel spacers. Sold each.

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