Studding Service, Pattern Change……#98-7400

Code: 98-7400

Studding Service, Pattern Change from original 4 lug to 5x130mm, 5x100mm, or 4x100mm, each…….#98-7400


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

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All our re-patterning services feature reliable pressed in studs. Not just a new hole with threads into the thin part of the drum/rotor. We take your new or used brake drum or rotor, and change the bolt pattern to one of three we have fixtures for. Three patterns are available. Five lug on 130mm bolt pattern (Porsche), 5 lug on 100mm pattern, and 4 lug on 100mm (early Rabbit and all Honda.) We first drill the pattern, then flip the drum/rotor over and spot face the back side to give clearance for the head of the stud. Our standard length studs are then pressed in. If you require wheel spacers, an additional charge may apply for extra length studs. Please call us for this.