Super Low Kit, 74 to 79 Super Beetle…With sway bar…#87-0910L

Code: 87-0910L

Super Low kit for 74 to 79 Super beetle. Adjust from 1 to 3 inches drop…..#87-0910L


In stock

In stock


The Super Low kit for late model (74 up) Supers works with your original stock springs, or with our optional Sport+ springs for a great ride! To compensate for the loss in caster associated with lowered cars, we include our Caster-Fix sway bar bushing kit. Also provided is our 7/8-inch special lowered sway bar which adds caster and eliminates the binding and stress on lower control arm bushings.. Our standard oil filled strut inserts and billet aluminum closing nuts complete the kit. Camber settings will fall in the range of one to two degrees negative when adjusted for 3 inches drop. For some extra camber adjustment, try our Camber+ kit. For enhanced ride quality, try our Sport+ spring set.


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