Super Low Pro Kit. Fits 74-79 Super….#87-0910LP

Code: 87-0910LP

Super Low Pro Kit. A more complete professional lowering kit! Fits 74-79 Super….#87-0910LP


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In stock


We’re often asked, “what else might i need in addition to the Super Low Kit to do a nice job on my car?” Well, this is it! Our most popular additions and enhancements to make your car ride and handle the best that it can. Over and above the Super Low items you get: Sport+ Springs, Caster-Fix Kit, Pre-shortened urethane Bump Stops, Brake Line Clamp Kits, and Deluxe Sway Bar Mounting hardware. This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE tie rods, tie rod ends, or ball joints. You can lower your 74-79 super up to three inches with this kit. Try one of these great kits today!


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Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 16 × 3 in