Super Low Rally Kit, with Sport+ springs.. Fits 71-73 Super….#87-0910RS

Code: 87-0910RS

Super Low Rally  Kit. Adjusts from stock height to four inched of drop.    Stock like ride quality and control.   This kit also includes our tapered Sport+ Rally springs. #87-0910RS.


In stock

In stock


The Rally kits are all new for 2022!  Many of our conservative customers have asked for a strut system the can not only lower the car, but also be capable of adjusting all the way up to stock height.   Now it is available! Our most popular additions and enhancements are included to make your car ride and handle the best that it can. You get:  extended travel Rally strut housings and strut inserts,    Sport+ Rally springs, Flip-It bump steer kit, pre-shortened urethane Bump Stops, and a Brake Line Clamp Kit.  You can lower up to four inches with this kit (not recommended for daily driving.) This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE sway bar, tie rods, tie rod ends, or ball joints. Try one of these great kits today!


See instruction sheet.

See additional instruction sheet for spring set.

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 8 in

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