Thermostat for Oil Cooler Fan….#99-0300

Code: 99-0300

Thermostat for Oil Cooler Fan. Connects at 180 degrees…#99-0300


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


We’ve been removing these thermostats from “inline” thermostat kits for years. Then, we throw away all the hardware they give you with them in favor of a custom mount. The thermostat will connect at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Our favorite spot is on top of the external oil filter mount, but you can mount them anywhere you like. Just drill and tap a 6mmX1.0 hole anywhere you’d like to sense the temperature. Most folks will use this switch as a ground for their oil cooler fan. We’ve made a deal with our supplier to just sell us the thermostat only, without all the other items. Why not save a bit, and have a better looking setup!

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