Trans Mount Kit, Anti-Wiggle for 72-79 Std and Super Beetle…..88-1304D

Code: 88-1304D

Trans Mount Kit, Converts Late Model 72 and later rear trans mounts to the earlier and more sturdy 71 and earlier style. Metal crossmember, rubber mounts, and hardware are included……#88-1304D


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


On ’72 and later Beetle models, VW tried to lessen the vibration from engine to chassis by making the transmission mounts able to wiggle more in a circular motion. As most experienced VW mechanics know, it was a dismal failure. Often called the engine “belly dance” it can be so severe that dual carb installations will let the air filters hit the sides of the engine compartment. If your car suffers from this malady, then this is the kit for you! Steel crossmenber, heavy duty rubber mounts, and hardware are included.

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