Truss Bar, Rear. #87-0301

Code: 87-0301

Truss Bar, Rear. Fits all VW Type-1 Beetle and Super Beetle. Helps reduce wheel hop and other handling problems by triangulating rear frame horns with shock towers. #87-0301


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In stock


This rear truss bar is installed between the upper frame shock towers locking them together for stability. Links going downward from the top bar to the frame horns form a rigid structure that reduces flex and twist to a minimum. Users report a reduction in wheel hop, and improved handling stability. The kit requires drilling a 2″ hole in the fender well near the upper shock mount for clearance of the rod hardware. The lower link tabs are installed between the trans cradle and frame horns. All rods have left and right hand threads, allowing easy length adjustment (similar to adjusting a front end tie rod.) No welding required for installation. Detailed Top Line instructions are provided. Imported from China.

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