Engine Mounting Hardware Kit……#95-2503

Code: 95-2503

Engine Mounting Hardware Kit. Fits all VW models…….#95-2503


In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


Everything you need to bolt your VW engine to the transmission! The lower two 10mm studs that thread into the engine case are provided. On the top side, a 10 x 110mm and 10 x 70mm bolt are provided. Four 10 x 1.5 nuts and one 10mm thick washer are also included. The thick 10mm washer is intended for use with “dual relief” cases in which a threaded insert is installed in the case. Install the thick washer under the head of the 70mm bolt to ensure easy turning of the bolt with a socket. Inexperienced VW owners will often omit the 70mm bolt because they are unable to grab the head of the bolt without hitting the bump on the transmission housing. Using the thick washer will eliminate this problem.

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