Power Pedal – Flat, Stock Look Edition…#98-5672S

Code: 98-5672S

An all new version of our best selling Power Pedal! It’s for folks that like the look of a stock gas pedal, but with much stronger construction. It uses the same robust build as the original, only re-shaped to take a stock rubber gas pedal cover.


In stock

In stock


A Top Line original! The Top Line Power Pedal is the result of tinkering and modifying “cheap traditional” roller pedals, and broken stock pedals over the years. While a cheap chrome plated (China)  pedal will wiggle around in the pedal assembly, the Power Pedal will not. It’s blanchard ground arm construction fits the slot in the casting perfectly, and the cable holder lines the cable up with the tunnel tube properly. Due to the proper lineup, your cable will flex less and last longer. The actuating arm is designed to give a little more travel than the stock setup; just the thing for dual carb or stock applications. We have recently upgraded the roller to a very tough Delrin material. The pedal will work with all 1958 and later VW pedal assemblies, including Super Beetle, Ghia, and Type 3 models. It will accept both the early solid wire cable, and the later cable with dogleg end. Another popular option is to use the Top Line Maxx throttle cable (part number 16-0218) for super reliable operation. This product is 100% Made in USA!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

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