Shift Rod Bracket….98-5710B

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Shift Rod Bracket. Located just under your shifter….98-5710B


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In stock


The shift rod bracket is located just under your shift lever, and holds a plastic shift rod bushing. This bushing locates the shift rod, and is a critical element regarding your cars ability to change gears accurately. Some cheap aftermarket brackets have errors in critical dimensions, but this one does not. To install, you must remove your shifter and any carpeting in the area. Several spot welds must be drilled out to remove the old bracket. The bracket is then snaked out of the tunnel either from the front of the frame head, or the opening near the shift coupler. The new bracket is then bolted into position in the tunnel just under the shifter opening. Welding is required to secure the bracket in its new position. If your old bracket is worn out or broken, try one of these new units for great shifting!

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