Shifter Tune Up Kit, all 66 and later Beetle…..#98-5705

Code: 98-5705

Shifter Tune Up Kit, fits all 66 and later Beetle, Super Beetle, Ghia, Thing, and Type 3. Contains a new plastic shift rod bushing, urethane shift coupler inserts, and new locking bolt……..#98-5705


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In stock


If your shifter rattles, or has trouble selecting gears, you may need to replace the plastic parts that locate the shift rod. In the front, just under the shift lever, a bracket holds a white plastic bushing. At the rear of the rod, there are two plastic bushings that are inserted into the steel shift coupler. This kit replaces the rear plastic pieces with touch urethane. A new square headed securing bolt is also supplied. The bolt is drilled for safety wire. Replacement of these parts requires removing the shift rod from the tunnel. Please consult your repair manual for the procedure.

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