Spring Compressor for our MaXX strut kit…..#96-1620

Code: 96-1620

Spring Compressor for our MaXX strut kit. Use “on the car” or as a bench compressor during your first strut assembly. For MaXX kit sold after April 10th, 2016…..#96-1620


In stock

In stock


Due to popular demand, we now have availability of a spring compressor specifically designed for our MaXX struts! The aluminum spring holders of our MaXX kits have been redesigned with a radial groove, making a place for the compressors steel plate to engage. These spring holders have been shipping since about April 10, 2016. Please see photos if you have any question about the application. These spring compressors allow compression of the strut spring on or off the car, allowing you to change ride height without removal of the strut from the car. The change can be accomplished without damage or marring of the aluminum spring holders. Made in USA! NOT FOR USE WITH MAXX KIT SUPPLIED BEFORE APRIL 10, 2016.


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