US Linkage Kadron/Solex Dual Carb…#15-0202

Code: 15-0202

Kadron linkage works on original “Kadron” steel manifolds, Kadron aluminum and Empi aluminum manifolds.  Individual carb return spring kit is included.  Please see this link for additional features. us-linkage-co-overview


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In stock


This linkage is made specially for the classic Kadron/Solex dual carburetor kits.  It is not a “universal” linkage!

Each carb shaft operating lever is made for, and only for, the Kadron/Solex.  No “universal” levers are  used.  The levers are precision laser cut and zinc plated.  A hardened dowel pin is securely pressed into place to give you a starting point for installation.

A sturdy “behind the alternator” base plate is included.  The aluminum mount fixed to the plate incorporates a return spring.  Special  “drop through” mounting nuts are included so that there is no need to remove or lengthen the alternator stand studs.  Return springs provided for each carb are the same ones used on a stock VWs Solex carburetor.  If you’ve lost or damaged a spring, simply borrow one from a spare carb.  The feel and return of the throttle action can be fine tuned by using alternate strength springs on the base plate.

A small mounting plate is provided for each carb to mount it’s return spring.  Using these and the return on the base plate, you can fine tune the feel of your throttle.

Linkage rods are solid T6 aluminum.  Since the ends are tapped for right and left hand threads, all that is required for adjustment is to twist the shaft to lengthen or shorten.  If you need something special like extra long operation rods for wider engines, please contact us for more information!  Made in USA!





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