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OVERVIEW of US Linkage features.


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US Linkage Co.  is a brand created by Top Line Parts to serve the VW high performance industry.  These products are made in USA to the highest standards.  If you have been disappointed with imported or “universal” linkages in the past, please take a look at our offerings.  Each linkage is provided with specific carburetor needs in mind.  Many options are available, including the availability of different length operating rods.

Each carb shaft operating lever is made for, and only for, a particular brand or purpose.  No “universal” levers are ever used.  The levers are precision laser cut and zinc plated.  If a stop pin is needed, it will always be a hardened dowel pin that is securely welded into place.

On most Type-1 linkages a sturdy “behind the alternator” base plate is included.  The aluminum mount fixed to the plate incorporates an optional return spring.  Special  “drop through” mounting nuts are included so that there is no need to remove or lengthen the alternator stand studs.  Most standard return springs are the same ones used on a stock VWs Solex carburetor.  If you’ve lost or damaged a spring, simply borrow one from a spare carb.  The feel and return of the throttle action can be fine tuned by using alternate strength springs.

In the case of carburetors (like the Kadron Solex)  where the units do not have their own return springs, they are provided in the linkage along with mounting points.  For carburetors that do have their own return springs built in (like the Weber 34ICT or DCNF) , you can still fine tune the feel by adding the optional spring on the base plate.

These linkages feature all metal parts, with no rubber or plastic items to wear out.  The heim joints are chrome-moly steel, and use the most common 10-32 SAE right hand and left hand threaded shafts.  Linkage rods are solid T6 aluminum.  Since the ends are tapped for right and left hand threads, all that is required for adjustment is to twist the shaft to lengthen or shorten.  Various lengths are available to suit either “normal” width engines, or wider ones that may use cylinder spacers.  You can choose length options when ordering at checkout.

The standard Type-1 linkages are available in bright zinc plating, or for a more high-tech  look. choose our “stealth black” version.   Versions for Type-4 and Bergman/Porsche  engines will initially feature bright zinc plating.  You retailer may however be able to provide you with the black coloration on the linkage operating rods.  Please call to request this.

We welcome your input on these linkages and hope that they fill a need in our industry. All major linkage parts are designed and manufactured in the USA.  Give one a try today!